Virtual Reality app development

Looking for a Virtual Reality (VR) application? Then you have come to the right place. Our experienced developers will create a unique app that is fully adjusted to your wishes. Contact us now about all the possibilities.

Mobiel & Gear VR

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

VR applicatie

Augmented Reality app development

AR applicatie

Stay inovative and use Augmented Reality (AR) in your business. Discover the extra value AR can add to your business. Create the ultimate experience by adding elements to reality using a smartphone or AR headset.

Mobile or headset

3D models

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Virtual tour

A virtual tour is the perfect way of presenting your business remotely. This way you can showcase your business, your hotel or for example your extra secured data center.

Extra info using hotspots

High quality 360° photos

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Branded Google Cardboard

AR applicatie

We can fully brand the Google cardboard in full-colour. This way you can have a Google Cardboard matching your company’s style and brand. We work together with companies that deliver professional printing quality and fast turnarounds. The Google cardboard headsets are made of high quality, sturdy cardboard and have a professional look!

Dutch and Chinese production

For all smartphones

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Gear VR synchronisation

Do you want to present a virual reality experience to a large group? We will make sure all VR headsets will start at the same time, using our synchronization software. All with one press of a button. This way your audience has a hassel free and professional experience.

Groups up to 600 people

Professionele assistace

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360 degree videos

Wil je een 360 video van jouw bedrijf, een evenement of als promotie laten maken? Met onze 360 graden video camera van 6 GoPro’s, maken wij een professionele video met 4K kwaliteit geschikt voor virtual reality!

Would you like a 360° video of your business, event or as a promotion? With our 360° video camera made of 6 GoPro cameras, we shoot videos in 4K resolution which are perfect for virtual reality.

Mobiel & Gear VR

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

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Selection of our previous customers

As a full service Virtual Reality company, we can provide you with everything related to VR. Whether it is creating a design for our own Google Cardboard, developing an application to showcase a machine, assist during an event, we can do it all. Contact us to let us know your wishes and be amazed by the solutions we provide.

Is there anything else we can help you with?

Renting 360 Cameras

Do you want to make photos or videos in 360 degrees? Rent one of our 360° cameras! The cameras produce high quality pictures that are perfect for 360° content or VR.

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Assistance at events

Virtual Reality at your event? Absolutely! We’d love to come by and demonstrate the possibilities of Virtual Reality. You need to experience Virtual Reality to imagine all the possibilities.

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Renting professional VR sets

Professional VR sets at your event? Do not overpay and rent VR sets with all the accessories at a fair price at

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