Branded Google Cardboard

We have our own Google Cardboard design. We print our Google Cardboards in two different facilities, one in the Netherlands and one in China. They both have the same high-quality standard, but printing in China is often cheaper and the turnaround times are longer. Choose for our Dutch printer if you need your custom branded cardboards on short notice, they will be delivered in as little as 11 working days. Our Dutch printer only uses FSC certified cardboard. Printing in China will take up to 26 working days. The price per piece depends on the quantity and the production facility. Request a quotation for a detailed price sheet and turnaround times. Note that the price per piece decreases significantly when you order higher quantities.

Are you also interested in a branded gift box with your custom Google Cardboard? Let us know, we also provide full colour professional gift boxes for your cardboards. Prefer a strap with your printed cardboard so you don’t have to hold it? That is possible as well!


Excellent service

Full color printing

High quality

Fast delivery

as promotional gift or VR Marketing Campaign

Easy to assemble

Our own design of the Google Cardboard makes it easy for everyone to experience Virtual Reality. Not a kit but an easy to expand design. Flat so that the cardboard VR glasses are easy to ship, and designed so that it is ready for use in 3 simple steps.



We can print our cardboards in full color. The quotation price is for single-sided full color printing of the cardboards. For a small extra amount, we can also print the VR glasses on both sides! So the design can go as crazy as you want. Do you prefer to keep it simple with just a logo and slogan? Or do you want to print the entire cardboard with the craziest details? We can do it! If desired, we can also finish the cardboards and gift box matte or with glossy laminate. There are 2 options for designing: we can make the design for you free of charge, or you can get started with our design templates. 

Our customers

Suitable For All Smartphones

Every smartphone fits in the Cardboard VR glasses. Large smartphones fit into our Cardboards by folding the protective edge.

Extra information

Design by a professional designer

Don’t have the time to make an impressive design yourself, or Adobe Illustrator is just not for you? Then our professional designers can make a design, free of charge, for you. Specify what you want in terms of design and it will be made for you. You will receive a 3D render of the design within 1-2 business days, which of course can still be adjusted if desired. Once you are satisfied with the design we can continue.

Create your own Google Cardboard design

It is also possible to make the design of the cardboard yourself. By using the Adobe Illustrator files, you can easily create your own design. Download the design files to get started! A document with explanation is included, as well as some examples of designs. Are you having trouble? Do not hesitate to call or email us, we are happy to help. Once we receive the design files, we create a 3D render of the design for approval.

Order & Delivery

Only after the design is approved, the production of the branded cardboards starts! Due to our short European production time of 11 working days, you do not have to wait long. Once the production is finished and the cardboards are ready, we send the cardboards. The cardboards only have to be un-folded for use!


First, we propose a quote based on your wishes.


Then you can get started with our design templates, or let our designer create a design for you.


Once the design is final, we start with the production of the branded Google cardboards.


You can expect the branded cardboard within 11 working days.

No matter what brand you own!

The perfect thing about cardboards is that they can be used with any smartphone. Whether you use iPhone, Android or Windows. They all fit!

Even larger phones will fit

When you fold the protective pads outwards, larger phones will also fit into our Google cardboards.

Easy to use

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Cardboard VR headsets are an cost effective and easye way to use Virtual Reality on smartphones.

In our cardboards there is a cut-out section at the bottom, so the touchscreen can still be touched while in VR! In addition, your phone is protected by additional cardboard on the side, so your phone won’t fall from the cardboard headset. Furthermore, you can also opt for a headband, so both your arms are free! Order your own Branded Cardboards!

Single-sided / Double-sided

Our Cardboards can be fully adapted to your wishes. We can provide a basic version; single sided printed Cardboards. But we can also provide extras such as double-sided printed Cardboards. Thanks to our easy folding system, all outsides are printed with single and double-sided printing.

The white areas in the images below show which parts are not printed with single-sided printing, but with double-sided printing they are.

Gift box

A gift box is a fully printable cover for the VR Cardboard. The glasses are folded in the gift box and can easily go through a letterbox. This makes it easy to send it, and gives an additional opportunity to put use your branding.



A headband provides convenience for the viewer because he/she does not have to hold the Google Cardboard VR headset.

Rubber Cover

The cover provides extra comfort. The rubber is a placed on the cardboard edges that touch the face. Two strips are placed at the forehead and one strip covers the nose area. In addition, rubber padding also provides a more luxurious feel and appearance.


For a more luxurious look, it is also possible to provide the glasses with Matt laminate or  High-gloss laminate.