Synchronized video playback

Viewing the same 360 degree video with a large group is a unique experience. By using synchronization software you can view one or multiple videos on multiple VR headsets. This allows everyone with a VR headset to see the same content at the same time. The audio can be synchronised as well, or it can be played centrally from sound speakers, so headphones are not required.

Synchronized 360° videos

Simultaneous streaming of one or more 360° videos in multiple VR headsets is perfect for letting a large group of people experience VR at the same time. This is possible with 5 VR headsets but also for 500! The following examples show how Gear VR synchronization can be of added value for many purposes:


Deliver the message with the help of virtual reality in a powerful way by making everybody enjoy the same Virtual Reality content at the same time.


Add a Virtual Reality experience to your presentation by letting the viewers watch a synchronised 360° video.


Realise a Virtual Reality cinema and allow visitors to experience virtual reality content in a professional way.


Simulate an attraction by using Virtual Reality and allow visitors to experience it together.

This is how it works

During the 170-year anniversary of the Vereeniging Van Handelaren, we introduced all 180 members to Virtual Reality. All VR headsets were activated remotely, so everyone could see the 360° video at the same time.

“It was a synchronized VR experience with 170 guests. Excellent preparation and good checks before the event took place. Professional collaboration with Viemr, the supplier of the content. Everything went right at the moment suprême! Nothing was left to chance.”Vereeniging van Handelaren Anno 1847


  • No hassle

    No complicated menus to start the video, simultaneous start with one press of a button.

  • Professional

    Surprise the audience with a professionally executed virtual reality experience.

  • Shared experience

    Let people simultaneous experience and enjoy the 360° video.

  • Return to reality together

    Because the content is synchronised, people experience virtual reality together, at the same time. This makes for great conversation when you are back in reality.

gear vr synchronisation

Costs of synchronised playback

Extra Headsets

€ 45*

Starting from
  • Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR
  • Including headphones
  • Wireless 360° video experience
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Synchronised playback

Group experience

  • Simultaneously start a 360 ° video on multiple VR headsets!
  • Up to 10 headsets: €200*
  • 10-100 headsets: €800*
  • More than 100 headsets: contact us


€ 35*

Per person per hour
  • Professional assistance
  • Everything taken care of
  • Years of experience
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*The prices mentioned are starting prices and excluding VAT

Free trial

Looking for a demo version of our synchronized playback software? Please tell us how many headsets you would like to synchronize by sending us an e-mail or using our contact form.

Creating a bespoke 360° video

Would you like to organize a synchronized VR experience, but you don’t have 360 content? VR-House helps you find suitable 360 degree content for your event.

What is possible?

Syncing of Gear VR headsets

Separate playback possible

Remote controlled from a tablet or smartphone

Application for 360° videos/ slideshow

Looping videos

Monitoring of connectivity and battery status

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