Google Cardboard with sticker

Great that you are interested in Google cardboards with a sticker on the front, with for example a logo. It is already possible to order a Google Cardboard VR headset with a custom sticker on the front side from quantities as low as 50 pieces. The sticker is of very high quality, is sustainable and can be printed in full colour. Depending on the delivery address the delivery time is only 7 working days. Start designing your own sticker by using our template or let us know your wishes and our professional designer will propose a design for you. Don’t wait any longer and order your own uniquely designed Google cardboards now! Prefer to order fully printed Google cardboards without the use of stickers? Let us produce branded Google cardboards for you!

Google cardboard met sticker

Great price

Minimum quantity of 50 units

High quality

Fast delivery

For a small budget

Easy to assemble

Our own design of the Google Cardboard makes it easy for everyone to experience Virtual Reality. Not a kit but an easy to expand design. Flat so that the cardboard VR glasses are easy to ship, and designed so that it is ready for use in 3 steps.



You can make the design of the sticker on the front of the google cardboard yourself using our template. Here you can add your logo, slogans, images, QR codes and other details yourself. There are 2 options for designing: we can make the design for you, free of charge, or you can get started with our design templates.


Our customers

Suitable for all smartphones

Every smartphone fits in the Cardboard VR glasses. Large smartphones fit into our Cardboards by folding the protective edge.

Extra information

After the final design has been supplied or approved by you and the design is suitable for the printer, the order is final. Due to our large stock of Google Cardboards and our own production of the stickers, the order has already been delivered within 5 working days!



First we prepare a quote based on your wishes


Then you can get started with our design files, or our designer will make a design for you.



As soon as the design is final, we will start production!



After placing the order you can expect it within 5 working days

No matter what brand you own!

The perfect thing about cardboards is that they can be used with any smartphone. Whether you use iPhone, Android or Windows. They all fit!


Foldable protective pads

When you fold the protective pads outwards, larger phones will also fit into our cardboards!


Easy to use

Because almost everyone nowadays owns a smartphone, cardboard VR glasses are an effective way to use Virtual Reality.

In our cardboards there is a cut-out section at the bottom, so the touchscreen can still be touched while in VR! In addition, your phone is protected by additional cardboard on the side, so your phone won’t fall from the cardboard headset. Furthermore, you can also opt for a headband, so both your arms are free! Order Cardboards with a custom sticker