Custom made 360° video player

We noticed at events, that people had trouble viewing 360° videos when it was their first time using a VR headset. We always needed someone to be present to start or reset the video. This needed to be easier, we thought, there must be a way to show people a 360° video in an easy and accessible way. This is how we got started.

We experienced that people often find it difficult to navigate with buttons while they are wearing the VR glasses. To solve this we have developed our own 360° video player: EZ360. With this app, the video automatically plays when someone puts on the VR headset. In addition, we can also fully customize the menu to the wishes of the customer.

We got such a great response from customers that we decided to publish EZ360 in the Oculus store (app store for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go). You can find more information on the dedicated EZ360 website.


Software development