Virtual tour

Amsio was looking for a way to present their SaasNow service in a fun and interactive way to potential clients on a conference. They wanted to show that their customers’ data is stored extremely secure. How could Virtual Reality help in achieving this goal?

Because the data centre is so well-protected, allmost no one is allowed to enter. So we decided to let everyone experience a virtual tour. This way, we were able to show Amsio’s (potential) customers the ways in which their data was protected. The cool thing about the virtual tour is that the user finds information through the interactive hotspots. Besides, the visitor is also guided by the Olympic gold medalist, Ellen Hoog!

Of course, the tour can be viewed with our branded VR headsets! The tour is fully web-based, so anyone can watch the tour from his / her mobile, tablet or PC. Curious? Check the virtual tour below and don’t forget to swipe to experience the 360° view!


Virtual Tour, Branded Google Cardboards