Complete VR Experience

During the innovation days, Total wanted to introduce it’s employees to an experience with all aspects of virtual reality. The goal was to inspire and to show all the possibilities that VR has to offer. In addition, this event was the perfect moment to show the new concept of the Aurora filling station. This way everyone could experience it without having to go to the location!
To show all the applications of virtual reality, we used different VR-headsets during the innovation days. The attendees could use the HTC Vive to play games in VR. There was also a VR-cinema in which different 360° videos were played on multiple VR-headsets at the same time. One of the 360° videos was produced by us at the new Aurora filling station. As icing on the cake, the attendees also received a custom printed VR-cardboard.


Branded VR Cardboards, VR experience on location, VR Cinema, Professional VR Assistance, 360° video