VR Cinema

The Vereeniging van Handelaren Anno 1847 (Association of Traders) was looking for an amazing closing act to amaze their guests at the lustrum celebration. Their idea was to treat the guests at the end of the party to a spectacular Virtual Reality experience. The content was already created so we were asked to organize the synchronised experience for the guests. The challenge was to let the guests experience VR at the same time and to make it as easy as possible. Our solution? The virtual cinema at the location.

To decrease the costs and to make the logistics manageable we chose to work in two shifts of 90 VR headsets. All the guests came to the party in pairs, so each pair was provided with a Samsung Gear VR and they could help each other with putting on the headset. Besides, the guests loved to see their partner look around when they were in the virtual reality. We set up a local Wi-Fi network to make it possible to start all the headsets at the same time. We sent a signal from a laptop to all the Samsung Gear VR headsets so all the 360-degree video were started at the same moment!

Vereeniging van Handelaren

VR Cinema, Professional VR Assistance, Content Preparation

"You have created a beautiful final show. As expected, everyone was endlessly talking about it. The next day everyone was able to relive the moment with their own telephone and self-made glasses. In short, very successful!"
Vereeniging van Handelaren Anno 1847