Virtual Reality Holiday

WeFlyCheap is famous for finding the best vacations at the lowest price! In addition, as a young company, WeFlyCheap wants to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of Virtual Reality they want to use Virtual Reality to offer a ‘holiday’ at a fraction of the costs. Our challenge was to make the holiday experience as realistic as possible.

Together with WeFlyCheap, we came up with the concept of the Virtual holiday. An experience that went beyond just a virual reality headset. By creating a room in a holiday atmosphere, we created the true holiday spirit. Sand between your toes, cocktails, a massage, a swimming pool and a solarium made sure all senses were stimulated! This really completed the holiday experience. The visitors could take trips around the world using Google Earth and the HTC Vive, they could socialise in VR on the beach using V-time, or watch 360° videos.


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