Rent virtual reality headsets

At VR-House you can rent affordable Virtual Reality headsets. We have a large stock of VR headsets from all the major brands. We always make sure renting VR headsets is as easy and affordable as possible, this is why you can pay afterwards and you get a discount when you rent for multiple days. Check out our VR headsets and select the headsets that fit your purpose!

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Watch 360° photos or videos

To view 360 ° photos and videos, we rent Virtual Reality glasses wirelessly. You can do this by using all-in-one VR glasses such as the Oculus Go, or glasses in which you put a telephone such as the Samsung Gear VR. For 360 ° content it is important that the viewer can turn freely. Ideal for events both indoors and outdoors. The VR glasses that we recommend to view 360 ° content are therefore the Oculus Go and the Samsung Gear VR. Of course we also have the corresponding accessories. These mobile VR glasses can also be used for large groups where everyone is watching the same video at the same time.

✓ 360° videos or photos
✓ Simple games
✓ Super user friendly
✓ Built-in screen and sound

✓ 360° videos or photos
✓ Application specially made for the Gear VR
✓ Operates on a smartphone (included)
✓ Easy to use on a large scale


Large stock

High quality


Fully catered event?

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Interactive VR applications or games

To do interactive applications or play Virtual Reality games you need powerful VR glasses that are often linked to a high-end laptop. Sensors and controllers make it possible to move around the room and interact with the virtual world.

Do you rent VR glasses for interactive applications or games? Then choose the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Do you want to know which glasses best suit your application? Call us or send an e-mail. We are happy to advise you which glasses are best suited for you!


✓  Ultimate VR experience
✓  For professional  VR users
✓  Very accurate tracking
✓  Biggest surface
✓  Let bystanders watch on a screen

✓ For demanding games and applications
✓ Walking around in a virtual world
✓ Very accurate tracking
✓ Let bystanders watch on a screen

✓ For demanding games and applications
✓ Walking around in a virtual world
✓ Very accurate tracking
✓ Let bystanders watch on a screen

✓ For games and movement
✓ Very easy and wireless
✓ Everything build in the headset


Large stock

High quality


Easily rent VR glasses

At VR-House you can rent VR-headsets with no hassle, in just 6 easy steps. After we checked the availability, we will send you a rental agreement. This neatly states all the conditions of renting the VR-headsets. Once we have received this signed by you, we make sure that headsets are ready for pickup at our office or delivered one day before the rental period. You can make unlimited use of the VR-headsets during the entire rental period. At the end of the rental period you can return the headsets again or we can pick it up for you. Once we have received the headsets in original condition, we will send you the invoice.

Extra information and services

VR-House consists of a driven team of experts in the field of Virtual Reality. Our people can tell visitors everything about Virtual Reality and are trained to guide VR events.

We arrange the building and dismantling of the VR experience on location and support during the event. Help with getting on and off, cleaning in between and explaining the operation. With a VR-Expert at your event you ensure that everything runs smoothly. Very nice!

Read more information about event support.

Installing apps or preloading videos can take a lot of time. But not for you! Send us your content and we will make sure that everything comes up. In addition, we always test the content to ensure that your VR experience is exactly the way you want it.

Even when you take a lot of VR glasses, we can preload content on a large scale.

The minimum rental period is 1 day.

Pick up / return yourself:
Do you want to come and collect the vr glasses at our office? Then we ensure that it is ready for you one day prior to the rental period. You can return the day after the rental period. You do not have to pay for the collection and return days.

If the vr glasses must be sent, we will ensure that they are delivered 1 working day before the rental period. The day after the rental period, we have all things collected again. You do not pay any extra rent for the delivery and collection day.


The VR glasses that can be rented with a laptop / PC can be connected to an extra screen. That can be a TV or projector on location. This is easily done via an HDMI cable that is supplied as standard with every laptop.

You can also rent a 40 inch standard TV with us.

Some VR glasses are controlled by a laptop. Not every laptop is powerful enough to control VR glasses. We deliver powerful gaming laptops that have the recommended specifications for Virtual Reality. You can find more information about our laptops and the specifications at the bottom of the page of the relevant VR glasses.

For example on the page of the HTC Vive.

Professional package:

If you want a little more than just VR glasses, ask for our Professional package for a fully dressed up experience.


Presentation pillar
VR banner
Construction and deconstruction
Assistance during events

Setup service

No experience with putting on VR glasses yourself? Have everything built up by one of our VR Experts. Our VR Experts are trained in setting up all our type of VR glasses. We will only leave once everything works!


  HTC Vive Pro  
  HTC Vive  
  Oculus Rift  
  Oculus Quest  
  Oculus Go  
  Samsung Gear VR  
  VR Laptop  
  Wireless adapter for HTC Vive (Pro)  
  Setup by our VR-Expert  
  Professional assistance at your event