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VR-House is the place to be for renting VR headsets. We rent the Samsung Gear VR headsets as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 phones and Philips headsets. The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality (VR) headset which makes it possible to experience virtual reality in 360 degrees with a smartphone. The Gear VR is unique because it is connected to the smartphone, making head movements seamless in a 360-degree view.

rent gear VR

Full control

Touchpad, back-button, volume-button and adjustable lenses for clear images

Best VR experience

Optimal results because of build in hardware and Super AMOLED screen

Long use

Charging the smartphone during use is possible

Comfortable and wireless

Move freely and forget that you are wearing a VR headset

Discover 3D experiences, play games and watch VR 360 degree videos. Experience the Gear VR now!

Specifications Gear VR headset

The Gear VR is very different from a Google cardboard or plastic VR headset. The Gear VR is firstly equipped with a micro USB port, so the VR headset can support the hardware of the smartphone. This is done by means of a built-in accelerometer, gyro sensor, geomagnetic sensor and proximity sensor. These sensors prevent disorientation and thereby prevent nausea and dizziness. The Gear VR headset achieves an optimal virtual reality experience.

Rent Samsung gear VR

Secondly, the Gear VR uses an attractive interface, made possible by Oculus. In this interface, the user can easily launch applications and navigate through menus while wearing the VR headset.

Thirdly, the Gear VR is equipped with a touchpad on the side of the headset. This touchpad allows for navigation throughout the Oculus interface, but also in many of the Gear VR applications. For example, you can move with this touchpad in the Google Street View’s virtual reality application.

Fourthly, there is a button that regulates the volume as well as a button to navigate to the previous menus or to the main menu by the pressing it for a longer time. Furthermore, there is a cogwheel on top of the VR headset, which changes the distance of the lenses to the smartphone’s screen, so the image can be focused.

Finally, there is sufficient space available between your face and the lenses of the Gear VR headset, making it possible to wear reading glasses.

Suitable smartphones for the Samsung Gear VR

Smartphones Gear VR

How does the Gear VR work?

Step 1

Place the smartphone in the Gear VR by connecting the micro USB port with the VR headset. The phone will now connect to the VR headset.

Step 2

Put the VR headset on your head, the smartphone screen now automatically turns on. Adjust the lenses by means of the adjustment wheel on top of the VR headset if necessary.

Step 3

Watch 360 degrees around you and navigate using the touchpad on the side of the VR headset.

Step 4

Start a VR game or 360-degree video and experience virtual reality!

Rent VR headsets

At VR-House you can easily rent VR headsets. After we have checked the availability of the required amount of Gear VR’s, smartphones and headphones, we will send you the rental agreement. This lists all the conditions for the renting of our equipment. After we received the signed agreement from you, we make sure that the Gear VR sets are sent to you at least one day before the rental period. You can make unlimited use of the Gear VR sets the entire rental period. At the end of the rental period, you can return the sets through mail or deliver it to our office. Once we have received the Gear VR sets in original condition, we will send you an invoice.

  • Request availability

    Simply send us an e-mail or give us a call to ask for the availability of Gear VR headsets.

  • Digital rental agreement

    As soon as the rental period and the amount of VR sets is known, we will send a digital rental agreement. As soon as this has been signed and sent back to us, the reservation is complete!

  • Preloading content

    When the content for the VR headsets is decided upon, we can preload it on the smartphones. This can either be existing content or your own!

  • Delivery of the VR sets

    We will make sure that the VR sets will be delivered at least one day before the rental period. We will send the VR sets insured and keep you up to date with tracking information. Do you prefer to pick up the VR sets yourself? You are more than welcome at our office in Utrecht.

  • Rental period

    During the entire rental period, you can make unlimited use of the VR sets. We are always happy to assist if something does not work!

  • Return

    The day after the rental period you can return the VR sets to us. We can also arrange a pick up by TNT.

  • Payment

    As soon as we have received the VR sets in good order, we will send you the invoice.

“We are very satisfied about VR-House. A young and fresh company that is willing to really help you and very flexible!”Aurobindo
“Quick and good answers to my questions. The Gear VRs and smartphones were looking very good and even the apps I needed were loaded onto the phones. Great!”J. van Rooijen

Prices for one day

Samsung Galaxy S6/S7


For one day
  • 32 GB storage
  • Great battery
  • Charge while in use

Philips headphone


For one day
  • Comfortable and firm
  • Excellent sound quality
  • User friendly

*Lower prices for longer rental periods, prices are excluding shipping and pick up costs (€30 + 1% insurance for the value of the goods in the Netherlands (excl. VAT), price to be determined for rest of EU).

Outstanding service

Cleaning wipes provided

Full service

Personal contact

Fast delivery

Need professional assistance?

Let us run the complete Virtual Reality experience so there are no issues!

More info

Synchronization with an external TV screen

Using synchronization software, VR-House is able to synchronize the content of the Gear VR headset with an external TV- or computer screen. This allows everybody to enjoy the experiences of the person wearing the VR headset!

synchronisation gear vr

Apps for the Gear VR headset

Applications can easily be installed on the Samsung phone by opening the Oculus Store on the phone or navigating to the Oculus Store while wearing the Gear VR headset. There are many applications available in the store, such as games, videos, education and communication applications. It is also possible to upload your own 360-degree video on the Samsung phone and then play it while in the Gear VR headset, cool!

At VR-House we have a lot of experience with the Samsung Gear VR at events. This is why we developed our own custom 360 video player EZ360 that makes watching videos at events so much easier.





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