Rent Oculus Quest

Next level Virtual Reality gaming is here! This is the newest Virtual Reality headset we offer. At VR-House you can rent the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headset including touch controllers. This is the first all-in-one headset from Oculus where you can look and walk around without being connected to a PC or mobile phone. A perfect wireless and mobile solution so you can be fully submerged in Virtual Reality. Do you want to rent the Oculus Quest for an event?
Oculus Quest huren

Freedom to move

Extremely fast set-up

Made for gamers

All-in-one VR-glasses

for Virtual Reality gaming

With the Oculus Quest you can play in VR without being dependent on a computer


Rent Oculus Quest cost

Rent Oculus Quest

price on request
  • Wireless room-scale VR
  • Including 2 touch controllers
  • Professional assistance possible

Easily rent Oculus Quest

Renting Virtual Reality glasses should not be a hassle, so we try to relieve you as much as possible. We do this with:  

  • Personal advice about VR glasses     
  • An easy digital rental proposal     
  • Delivery 1 day before the rental period     
  • Pick up 1 day after the rental period     
  • We can also test custom content for you

Need professional assistance?

Let us perform the complete Virtual Reality part so that everything runs smoothly!

What you have to know before you rent the Oculus Quest

Everything you need to play with the Oculus Quest comes in the box. We recommend that you go through the setup in advance. Mark your playing field in the VR glasses so that you don’t bump into anything. Then make sure that you make the largest possible space available. The Oculus Quest battery lasts approximately two hours. Then it will have to be charged again. A 3 meter charging cable is included. Charging while playing is possible.

Extra information

Next Level Virtual Reality Gaming

The Oculus Quest has been specially developed for VR gaming. The glasses are easy and very quick to put on. From the glasses you can download both free and paid games.

How does the Oculus Quest work?

The Oculus Go is very easy and quick to set up. Turn on the VR glasses by clicking the button on the side. Go through the calibration steps to determine the floor height and to define your playing field.

After the calibration you can choose games in the menu to play in virtual reality.


Specifications of the Oculus Quest:

  • Field of view : 110 °
  • Screen: OLED
  • Resolution: 2880 × 1600 px
  • Look around: Yes
  • Round move: Yes
  • Adjustable lenses: Yes
  • Suitable for glasses: Yes
  • Minimum surface of playing field: 2×2 m

Download the manual

The Oculus Quest was introduced in 2018 as the third type of VR lens from Oculus. Oculus (part of Facebook) is one of the best known VR headset manufacturers in the world. Because of the large range of games for the Oculus platform, there is always something fun for everyone. With the two supplied touch controllers you can move through the VR room with your hands. The built-in sensors of the Oculus Quest ensure that you can walk and move through the virtual world without needing external sensors.

The 4 cameras on the Oculus Quest help the glasses to determine the position in the room. This way you can still have a good quality virtual reality experience without external sensors. The cameras also record where the controllers are.

What is included?
  • 1x Oculus Quest headset
  • 1x Power adapter (300cm)
  • 2x Touch controllers
  • 2x Rechargable AA batteries

What is an all-in-one VR glasses?

Each good VR pair of glasses contains a number of components:

  • A screen so that you can see the virtual world;
  • Headphones so that you hear sound;
  • Sensors to determine the position in VR;
  • Computer processors to “make” the virtual world

With all-in-one VR glasses, all these parts are built into the VR glasses. This makes all-in-one VR glasses very easy to use.

You do not need a phone that you put in the glasses as a screen. You no longer need a computer that is attached to the glasses by cables. And external sensors are no longer needed, because they are built in.

The Oculus Quest has audio built into the headband, but also the option to connect headphones. With an external headset you will experience less ambient noise and you will be even more immersed in the virtual world.

What is the difference between Oculus Quest, Go and Rift (S)?
Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is the VR headset for Virtual Reality gaming. It is an all-in-one VR glasses. You can look around and walk around in the virtual world. With the controllers you can also use your hands in VR. Because everything is built in, you do not need an expensive laptop. All this makes the Quest very easy to use for gaming, but it is less powerful than the Rift.

Oculus Go

The Go is made for viewing media (video and photo) in Virtual Reality. It is therefore a perfect pair of glasses for viewing 360 ° photos, videos and animations. With the Go you can only look around you and not walk around in the virtual world. There is also only 1 controller that works like a laser pointer. No setup is required before you can use the headset.

Oculus Rift (S)

The original Oculus Rift is made for high quality Virtual Reality experiences. For this, the VR glasses are connected to a strong computer with a cable. In 2019 a new version of the Rift, the Rift S, was released. With this new version, the external position sensors are built into the headset.



  Oculus Quest  
  Extra headphones  
  30 minutes introduction to Oculus Quest  
  Professional assistance at your event