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Next lever Virtual Reality gaming is here! This is the newest Virtual Reality headset we offer. At VR-House you can rent the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headset including touch controllers. This is the first All-in-one headset from Oculus which means you can look and walk around without being connected to a PC or mobile phone. A perfect wireless and mobile solution so you can be fully submerged in Virtual Reality. Do you want to rent the Oculus Quest for an event?

Oculus Quest available for rent at VR-House

Freedom to move

Because everything is build in, you are not connected to the real world. This makes the Oculus Quest a true immersive experience.

Accurate controls

Picking up objects and moving around is no problem with the Oculus Quest. The supplied wireless touch controllers allow you to use your hands in the virtual world.

Super easy

Turn on the power en start gaming! The Oculus Quest is very easy to set up. So strap on your headset and go!


The Oculus Quest doesn’t need a PC or a phone. This allows it to be completely wireless without extra accessoiries. Easy to start using it and very portable.

See the possibilities of Oculus Quest

Specifications Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest was introduced in 2018 as the third type of VR Headset from the famous Oculus brand. Oculus (owned by Facebook) is one of the best selling VR headset manufacturers in the world. Because the enormous assortment of games, there are plenty of amazing applications you will like. With the 2 Touch controllers it seems like you are using your own hands in VR. And because of the build in sensors of the Oculus Quest it is possible to move through virtual reality without the need for extra sensors.

Oculus Quest Touch controllers

"I want to rent the Oculus Quest!"

Oculus Quest freedom to move.

The Oculus Quest is totally wireless, this allows you to move everywhere you want without being thetered to a PC. With the four sensors in every corner of the headset, the VR headset knows where you are and what the room looks like. Don’t worry, the system will warn you when you get to close to a wall or object.

Before we rent out the Oculus Quest we will test it and install it with content that we recommend. This way you don’t have to worry about a thing when you rent the Oculus Quest.

The batteries of the Oculus Quest are not removable and will last for about … hours. After which the headset needs to be charged.

How does the Oculus Quest work?

Step 1: Clear some space

Choose an area and make sure that the VR space is free of objects.

Step 2: Turn on the headset

Turn on the Oculus Quest and touch controllers.

Step 3: Put on the headset

Put the headset on and adjust the headband and lenses if needed.

Step 4: Start your game

Start your game from within the headset.

Step 5: Enjoy

That was easy, wasn’t it? Enjoy your Oculus Quest!

Use the Oculus Quest at your event!

How do you rent the Oculus Quest?

Renting the Oculus Quest at VR-House? After we checked the Oculus Quest availability, we will send you the rental agreement. This neatly states all the conditions of renting the Oculus Quest. Once we have received this signed by you, we make sure that Oculus Quest is ready for pickup at our office or delivered one day before the rental period. You can make unlimited use of the Oculus Quest during the entire rental period. At the end of the rental period, you can return Oculus Quest again or we can pick it up for you. Once we have received the Oculus Quest in original condition, we will send you the invoice.

  • Request availability

    Easily request for the availability of our Oculus Quest through e-mail or a simple phone call.

  • Digitale rental agreement

    When the rental period has been set, we will send you the rental agreement with the total price and rental conditions. As soon as we have received the signed agreement from you the reservation is complete!

  • Delivery

    We will make sure the Oculus Quest is ready for pick-up at least one day before the rental period. If desired we can also deliver the Oculus Quest at your location!

  • Rental period

    You can make unlimited use of the Oculus Quest during the rental period. If something does not work you can always contact us, we are happy to assist.

  • Return

    The day after the rental period you can return the Oculus Quest to us or let us pick it up at your location!

  • Payment

    As soon as we have received the Oculus Quest in good order we will send you the invoice.

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Costs of renting Oculus Quest


*Lower prices with a longer rental period, prices are excluding VAT.


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What is included?

Everything you need for the Oculus Quest is included.

This is what’s in the box:
1x Oculus Quest headset
1x Power adapter
2x Touch controllers
2x Rechargable AA batteries

Rent the Oculus Quest

Applications and games for the Oculus Quest

Applications and games for the Oculus Quest can easily be installed on the headset from within the device. This can be free and paid games and applications. When you rent the Oculus Quest at VR-House, you can make free use of all the applications and games which we have already installed our Oculus account! We can also add the applications you want to our account, so you have the best content for your event!

Games that have allready been confirmed for Oculus Quest:
– The Climb
– Starwars Vader Immortal
– Tennis Scramble
– Dead and Buried
– Moss
– Robo Recall
– Super Hot
– Beat Saber


Adventure games

Shooter games

Multiplayer games

Education applications

Creative applications

Business applications

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