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With lots of passion, our team develops applications that make Virtual Reality accessible to businesses world wide. Who we are? Check our about us page.


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Showing customers a 360° video with VR glasses at an event was often more difficult than expected. That is why we have built a simple but more powerful video player: EZ360. An app where you only have to put on the VR glasses and watch. No more hassle with menus, the touchpad and taking over the VR glasses to start the video yourself for the customer.

” It has everything it needs. And that is perfect.”
    – My360planet


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EZ360 Cloud

EZ360 Cloud CMS

With EZ360 Cloud you can easily distribute 360° videos to multiple headsets via the cloud. Uploading and managing your content is easy in our online content management system. Your VR headsets then automatically download (new) videos with the accompanying VR app. Manually sideloading each headset individually is now something of the past!

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With 123Dmodel we make 3D models from photos. You can use these 3D models on Facebook, Snapchat and many more platforms. This is how Augmented Reality comes a lot closer!



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DoodleVR is a classic word guessing game where one person draws a picture in virtual reality and the teammates have to guess what is being drawn. A fun multiplayer VR game that only requires one headset. Perfect for an entertaining evening with friends or a fun team building exercise!

Click here for more information about using VR for team building