A handsfree VR experience

Automatically start videos on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go headsets

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“It has everything it needs. And that is perfect”My360planet

The EZ360 features

  • Automatically start

    When people at your event put on the headset, EZ360 will automatically start playing the video.

  • Reset when user takes of the headset

    Hand the headset to someone else and the video will start from the beginning.

  • No action from user needed

    Once the app is opened, your users don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to find a video, don’t have to press play, don’t have to select any options. All they have to do is enjoy your beautiful video!

  • Totally hands free

    Put on your headset. No complicated menus, navigation, and no buttons!

  • Kiosk mode at events

    EZ360 was made so you can put your headset at a location and users can view your videos without you have to assist them.

EZ360 is an application for the Gear VR and Oculus Go that automatically plays 360° videos when you put the VR headset on. Your video starts hands-free, so no more difficult menus, buttons or navigation. You simply put on the headset and the video starts automatically. If you pass the headset on to someone else, the video starts again from the beginning. Ideal for events where multiple people view the same content on a single headset. EZ360 helps you to make a professional impression.

Through our experiences with Virtual Reality at events, we have experienced that starting videos is often perceived as a difficulty by users. To solve this, we have developed an application that makes the entire experience hands-free. Our aim is to create a kiosk mode for the Oculus Go and Gear VR but then for 360° videos. Showing 360° videos has never been easier!

EZ360 screenshot
With multiple 360 ° videos loaded on your device, you can select a video by gazing. EZ360 makes watching 360° content easy and intuitive!
“Thanks works perfectly great stuff”UPS Logistics and Distribution

EZ360 Lite


So you can test EZ360 (Pro)
  • EZ360 Pro features
  • Watermark over videos
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EZ360 Pro

€ 499*

Per Oculus account**
  • All EZ360 features
  • Custom logo
  • Custom background
  • Custom thumbnails
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**EZ360 can be used on an unlimited number of phones that use the same Oculus account.

No hassle

With EZ360 you can start videos automatically when you put on your headset.

Automatically restart

Hand the headset to someone else and the video will start again.

Hands free

Put on your headset. No complicated menus, navigation, and no buttons!

Kiosk mode at events

For example, at events where a lot of people watch your 360° videos.

“Before we used this app, we had to help our visitors start the VR movie while they were wearing the VR glasses. That’s easier said than done, because for many it was the first time that they used VR goggles and you can not see what the visitor sees as a supervisor. With the app, that is a thing of the past.”The Economic Board

How does EZ360 work?

1. Purchase a EZ360 license

Get your EZ360 license!

2. Download the app

Download the EZ360 app on your Samsung smartphone or Oculus Go headset

3. Load your video(s)

Save your video(s) in the EZ360/Videos folder.

4. Start the app

Start the EZ360 app.

5. Enjoy

Enjoy your 360° video. The video will start when you put on your headset.

Watch the EZ360 video

“The biggest advantage is that the VR movie starts playing immediately when someone puts on the VR goggles. And it starts from the beginning as soon as the next persons puts on the VR headset. You want the viewer to have an uncomplicated VR experience and the app contributes to that.”The Economic Board

Technical details

Available for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go

EZ360 can be used simultaniously on a unlimited number of devices that use the same Oculus account.

Stereoscopic (3D) video support

Use “_TB” at the end of the filename to indicate the video is stereoscopic. More info and example in the user manual.

EZ360 + VR-House

EZ360 is developed and supported by VR-House.
Check our roadmap for EZ360


Custom version of EZ360

EZ360 Pro is has customization options for the background, thumbnails logo and a custom intro screen. Is that not enough? Would you like a modified version of EZ360? Contact us for the possibilities and the costs.
  • The VR Room custom EZ360 VR application
  • Alliander custom VR application EZ360
Screenshots of kiosk mode 360 apps we have created.

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