Virtual Reality for businesses

Virtual reality is a technology that is followed closely by many companies. But how can you now use VR in your business or at your event?

At corporate events, Virtual Reality is often used to let people experience something new. Whether this is for sales, marketing or purely to entertain guests. VR can offer many solutions because it is an interactive media that captures people’s attention for a longer period and is a unique experience that many people have never experienced before.

VR-House offers the possibility to offer such an element at your event. VR-House provides you with both VR-hardware as well as the necessary assistance for the VR sessions to run smoothly. Take a look at the options below on how to apply VR in your business, or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

Virtual Reality experience on location

Get the best VR has to offer with our themed packages. We have put together a number of themes, so you can easily find something to your liking. Combining packages is also possible. Are you the hero who takes on rogue robots? Or would you prefer to overcome your fears with Virtual Reality?

With a Virtual Reality experience on location we use the latest Virtual Reality headset and we have a wide variety of content available.

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View 360° video’s in groups

View 360° videos together by using Virtual Reality headsets. This can be done with 5, but also with 500 headsets, all at the same time. 360 Degrees videos are increasingly being used by companies to convey their message in an innovative way. Everyone watches the same video at the same time, but each person has control over his or her own view.

See what solutions we can offer for synchronised viewing of 360° videos!

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Virtual Reality team building

Virtual Reality is a new and fun way to meet as a team. Improve your communication and work together even better after this Virtual Reality experience for groups. We let you experience Virtual Reality in groups with different applications, puzzles and games.

Enjoy Virtual Reality under the expert guidance of our VR-Experts, in groups of 4 to 8 people per VR headset.

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Virtual Reality event support

VR-House assists with our VR-Experts at fairs, conferences, open days, festivals, parties and much more. We provide professional assistance so that the guests at your event can have the best Virtual Reality experience.

Our VR-Experts ensure that everything is set up and works before the event starts. In addition, they can also answer questions from guests about everything that has to do with Virtual Reality.

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