VR experience on location

Do you want to use Virtual Reality at your event? We are happy to come to your location with our VR Experiences. Make use of our expertise in the field of VR. To make it easy for you, we have created several themes to choose for your Virtual Reality experience. We use different Virtual Reality headsets and therefore have a wide range of Virtual Reality experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or have never used VR before, there’s always a theme that suits you.



Amazing experience


A unique experience

With Virtual Reality you offer a unique experience for your visitors or employees

Cost for a VR experience on location

VR Experience

price on request
  • Professional VR glasses
  • High end VR gaming laptop
  • All required cables and accessoiress
  • VR experience on location
  • Including setup
  • Professional VR assistance

Branded VR Experience

price on request
  • Everything in VR Experience package
  • Branded Virtual Reality presentation column
  • Virtual Reality banner
  • Extra assistance possible
Virtual Reality Presentatie Pilaar

Choose from different VR packages



fun house

Mini games

robo recall


walk the plank


keep talking


Something else?

Any specific wishes?

We like to think along with you to give you the best VR experience. This is of course also possible with other Virtual Reality applications. We already have a wide range of content available, but if you have specific wishes, we will naturally look for suitable content for your event. It is also possible to use 360 ​​° videos, or a VR experience that you have had made to measure. Please contact us so we can advise you on the correct Virtual Reality glasses for your application.

Frequently asked questions

Virtual Reality glasses

We have different types of Virtual Reality glasses so that we always have a suitable offer. Depending on the package you have chosen, we will take the most suitable VR glasses with you.


High-End Virtual Reality laptop

A Virtual Reality computer that is needed to control the glasses. We use powerful gaming laptops for this.


Virtual Reality Games

A wide range of different Virtual Reality applications.


Professional assistance

VR Experts who know exactly how everything should be structured and then help the guests professionally.

Virtual Reality is suitable for young and old and is suitable for both informal and business events. Thanks to the guidance of VR-House, everyone will be able to experience Virtual Reality!


Yes, in the Virtual Reality glasses that we use, there is sufficient space for most types of glasses.


The combination of packages is certainly possible. When you indicate in advance what you are interested in, we ensure that all your VR experiences are pre-installed.


Yes, a Virtual Reality experience in the open air is also possible, but all equipment must be able to stand dry under, for example, a roof or tent.


Renting the Virtual Reality glasses and PCs is also possible without assistance. However, technical knowledge and experience with VR are required to connect a Virtual Reality pair of glasses. We therefore advise against connecting the VR glasses and the PC yourself. Our VR Experts are happy to come and do this for you!


For a Virtual Reality experience on location, we offer the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. These high-end VR glasses have a wide range of games and other content.