Virtual Reality team building

Do you want to experience Virtual Reality together and improve your team? You can experience Virtual Reality together in different ways. We use various games and applications where one or more people wear Virtual Reality goggles. They all have one thing in common, working together is key. Virtual Reality is a new and fun way to get together as a team!

With the guidance of our experienced VR-Experts, you are going to use a Virtual Reality set in groups of 4 to 8 people. Our VR Experts install the VR headset(s) on location and provide guidance during the event so that each group can get started immediately. We have plenty VR headsets, so it is also possible to rent multiple headsets at the same time for larger groups.

How does VR team building work?

There are several applications for Virtual Reality in which you can work as a team. It is not always necessary to rent Virtual Reality headsets for the entire team. There are also Virtual Reality experiences where only one headset is needed. The person with the headset then must work together with his team that does not wear VR headsets. Good communication is important because everyone sees something else.

A popular application of VR teambuilding is the game “keep talking and nobody explodes”. In this puzzle game, one person receives VR goggles and needs the help of his team to dismantle a bomb. The bomb, which can only be seen in Virtual Reality, has several puzzles that need to be solved. The team without VR glasses has a manual to dismantle the bomb, only they cannot see the bomb. Only working together can the bomb be dismantled.

Another popular form of experiencing Virtual Reality together is the game Pictionary. Where someone in Virtual Reality must draw something and the team watches on a screen and tries to guess what is being drawn.

VR Pictionary, drawing in Virtual Reality

This is what we bring

To provide the best team building Virtual Reality experience, several things are needed. To begin with, of course, one or more Virtual Reality glasses. In addition, we also supply a High-end Virtual Reality PC and a trained VR-Expert who ensures that everything is set up. Finally, we have all the software you need, and we deliver everything neatly on location.

Professional VR-Experts that assist when using VR

The best VR headsets and accessories

Multiplayer applications and games

Costs for VR-Teambuilding


  • Everything will be set up
  • Assistance during event
  • Clear explanation
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