What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a set of 360-degree photos that allow viewers to look around and move around in the area as if they were actually there. Virtual tours of VR-House are interactive, allowing viewers to decide in which direction they move. In addition, our virtual tours offer unique features, such as adding hotspots, photo albums, videos, maps, spatial audio, and more. Virtual tours made by VR-House can be viewed in an internet browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone with Android and iOS. Additionally, it is very easy to implement the virtual tour on a website. Do not wait any longer and let us create an amazing interactive virtual tour!

Virtual tour

High-quality photos

Our 360 degree cameras shoot
high-quality images.

Information hotspots

Show text, photo and video hotspots. We can even add a floor plan to the virtual tour, so the viewer knows where he is!


Inform the viewer during the virtual tour by means of a professional voiceover or add matching background music!

Suitable for VR

Our virtual tours are suitable for virtual reality, making the tour even more realistic!

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Our virtual tours are suitable for

Smartphones or tablets

Experience the virtual tour from a smartphone or tablet and turn around in 360 degrees!

Computers and laptops

Watch the virtual tour through your favourite internet browser. Look around by dragging the mouse!

VR headsets

Our virtual tours are suitable for virtual reality. Experience the virtual tour by watching it through a virtual reality headset!


Our virtual tours are easy to place on websites. Let website visitors experience your virtual tour!

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Create a total experience

Add additional elements to the virtual tour and make an complete experience!

Popup information hotspots

Let an info window pop up as soon as the hotspot is clicked. The info window can contain text, images, videos or audio clips. This is an ideal way to provide additional information about a certain aspect within the 360 degree photo.

Website hotspot

Send the viewer to a web page after clicking on the website hotspot! This allows you to link elements from the virtual tour to elements on your website.

Floor plans

Add a map to the virtual tour and keep an overview of the virtual tour! In addition, it is possible to navigate through the tour using the map.


Place logos, links, images and other elements to add the virtual tour to your corporate style.

Photo albums

Showcase important aspect from the virtual tour by using beautiful 2D photos.

Professional voice-over

Guide the viewer during the virtual tour by adding a professional voice over!

Realistic audio effects

Add realistic sound effects based on gaze directions. This makes the virtual tour even more realistic.

Video as a loading screen

Instead of a still image, it’s possible to play a full-screen video while the virtual tour is loading. Start the tour as soon as loading is complete.

Application of virtual tours

Virtual tours are perfect for mapping, among other things:

  • Cities / sights

  • Real estate

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés

  • Party venues

  • Holliday and amusement park

  • Stores and showrooms

Example of a virtual tour

Example virtual tour through a datacenter:

Interested in a virtual tour? This is how we work:

  • Concept development

    We love to contribute to a virtual tour that really immerses the viewer into the virtual location. In cooperation with you, we will develop a plan for making the virtual tour.

  • Quote

    Based on your wishes and the size of the virtual tour, we create a quote for your virtual tour.

  • Shooting content

    VR-House will shoot 360 degree photos on location.

  • Development of the virtual tour

    VR-House connects all 360 degree photos and develops the virtual tour. We will send updates during the development so that you are aware of the progress!

  • Delivery

    Only if you are satisfied, we will send the definitive virtual tour to you. Placing the virtual tour on a website is easily done by using iFrame (small piece of html code). Of course, we will help you with publishing the virtual tour so that you can present it nicely.

  • Launch

    If desired, VR-House provides a professional Virtual Reality experience with the help of our experts and professional VR headsets! This way, the virtual tour can be shown to a large group of people professionally. In addition, it is also possible to order VR headsets for the virtual tour. We can completely brand the VR headset to your corporate identity.

  • Support

    After completing the virtual tour, we provide support and, if desired, adjust the tour.

Innovative, VR ready & professional.

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How much does the development of a virtual tour cost?

The costs for a virtual tour consists out of different elements, which are presented below. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or want a quotation.

High-quality photos

1-10 photos (capture and development virtual tour)
200 euro's
Per extra photo (capture and development)
10 euro's

Ultra high-quality photos

1-10 photos (capture and development virtual tour)
300 euro's
Per extra photo (capture and development)
20 euro's

Pricing excludes VAT and travel costs (€ 0.49 per kilometre from Utrecht)


add text and hotspots (when provided)
50 euro's
add photo hotspots (when provided)
100 euro's
add video hotspots (when provided)
200 euro's
add floorplan (when provided)
100 euro's
add voice-over/audio to the tour (when provided)
100 euro's


record voice-over (per 250 words)
250 euro's
personalized loading screen (delivered)
50 euro's
personalized hotspots (not our standard icons)
50 euro's
personalized user interface (add logos etc.)
50 euro's
divide photos over multiple tours
200 euro's

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