Why professional assistance from VR-House?

At VR-House you can go for professional Virtual Reality assistance at fairs, congresses, open days, festivals, parties and much more. For example, it is possible to engage VR-House to organize a VR demo, where you can let people experience Virtual Reality in a professional manner. For this we use professional Virtual Reality glasses, the latest applications and experienced people! We have also developed software for a professional Virtual Reality experience. We are open to ideas and are happy to help during every event.

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“Professional VR headsets, unique content and enthusiastic employees. Use VR-House!”

Why enable assistance?

Professional assistance

VR-House consists of a driven team of experts in the field of Virtual Reality. Our people can tell visitors of the VR experience everything about Virtual Reality and are trained to guide VR events.

Professional VR glasses

The VR glasses that we can take with us are the Oculus Go or Rift and the HTC Vive (Pro). With these glasses it is possible to experience Virtual Reality in a professional way and to interact with the content.

Complete package

If VR-House comes to assist with an event, we not only bring the VR sets, but we also take care of the presence of other materials, such as sockets, cleaning wipes and extension cords!


Use mobile VR glasses, these are wireless and therefore take up little space. This is ideal for events and exhibition stands where the space for a Virtual Reality setup is limited.


At VR-House we have experience with the different types of content that can be shown through VR glasses during events. We ensure that the content will fit in well with the target group! Delivering your own content is also possible.

Tailored assistance

VR-House is ready to assist at both small and large events. Depending on the number of VR glasses that will be used, we will come up with a suitable offer. We are flexible, and nothing is too crazy for us!

4 more reasons why you need VR assistance

To keep players in the playing field

Crowd Control

To explain that VR is not real

To prevent accidents

For every occasion

We assist with our VR-Experts at fairs, congresses, open days, festivals, parties and much more. We provide professional assistance so that the guests at your event can have the best Virtual Reality experience. Our VR Experts ensure that everything is set up and works before the event starts. In addition, they can also answer questions from guests about everything that has to do with Virtual Reality.


Professional assistance

all-in-one VR
price on request
  • Professional assistance
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Accessories

All-in-one VR Glasses

  • All-in-one
  • Perfect for 360° video
  • Philips headphones

VR-headset with laptop

  • HTC Vive or Oculus Rift
  • With high-end VR Laptop
  • All necessary accessories

Watching 360° videos has never been easier

Because of our experiences at events, we noticed that starting 360 ° videos on virtual reality glasses did not always go smoothly. Especially when people had no experience with virtual reality glasses, we often had to take control to start the video and then quickly return the vr glasses. To solve this, we have made an application ourselves that automatically starts videos when someone puts on the glasses. When you pass the glasses on to someone else, the video automatically restarts from the beginning. This makes it easy for everyone to watch a 360 ° video.

Our customers

Extra information

Make it interesting

Invite people to try out the VR experience, as needed.


Give instructions for, among other things, operating the touchpad / controllers and setting the lenses.


Explaining the content that is ready. glasses and headphones. Assist with putting on and taking off the VR glasses and headphones.


Keeping the glasses clean to preserve

Deploying VR-House during an event is very simple. After contacting us, we will discuss together how we can best use Virtual Reality at your event. Then we look at what content and hardware we will use for this. Would you like to meet us first? No problem, we are happy to come and discuss the options and everyone is welcome at our office in Utrecht! When all details have been discussed we will send you a free quote. Before the event, our VR experts ensure that everything is set up and during the event we assist anyone who wants to experience VR. In this way we ensure that the VR experience runs smoothly and of course an unforgettable experience! Do not wait any longer and use VR-House!

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  • Delivery wishes
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  • Unforgettable event
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